Duradecor Wooden Residential Interior Door


Residential Doors

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Attractive appearance with precision fit and installation friendly corner-joint

Lining board

  • Screwed corner joints with lining board connection
  • Easily readjustable
  • Strong friction locking


  • Solid-metal screw connectors
  • Excellent friction locking
  • Direct pressure distribution on the connection surfaces
  • No visible drilled holes in the cladding

High form stability thanks to the robust frame design

  • Lining board 25 mm thick
  • Lining board with Duradecor surface finish
  • Melamine-coated backing
  • Claddings made of MDF

Permanently quiet closing thanks to a high-quality seal

  • Two-chamber system
  • Clean contact to the door leaf
  • Good absorbing properties

Robust standard lock plate for more security

  • Movable back lining
  • Secured with six screws
  • Double-turn locking
  • Conversion sets available